Anti-Social Behaviour.

It was always my intention to go back to using social media once Summer was over, I had decided that the 1st of October would be the point I started to post again.

So when I woke up on the 1st I was filled with thoughts about what I could post. What could the subject be, what would have the most impact, how many times would I post each day going forward and how could I increase my following.

After almost 4 months of not bothering about social media, it was in a few short minutes filling my head and quite honestly winding me up again.

I went back on Facebook and spent some time going through the posts on my timeline. After a couple of hours, I had managed to find nothing that made me feel good or was of value, in fact, more troubling was that I was greeted with a load of notifications from Facebook telling me if I did not post on some pages I set up, they would be taken down. So Facebook is telling me what to do now!

I can forgive Facebook for not knowing me too well, they clearly don't realise that telling me to do something is a sure-fire way of ensuring I will never do it.

So I popped over to Instagram and Twitter to check that out, again after a long while scrolling, it was the same old same old.

Then finally and begrudgingly I logged into LinkedIn, and after literally 5 minutes all I could think was WTF! Of all the platforms I hate LinkedIn the most.

So rather than asking what should I post and how do I grow my following my thoughts turned to WHY do I feel I need to do this at all.

Mainly to cover off my decision to post again I managed a post on Instagram and then shared it on Twitter, once I had done that I realised I have become used to not posting and my life is no worse off for not spending time on the social networks.

It is now well into October and as yet only 1 post has happened, I keep saying that when I have something to sat I will share it, but as it stands I am happy to just keep focusing on my clients and working on Better247, I don't have time to spend a disproportionate amount of time to get a few likes.

I am a pragmatic bloke and can see how social media could be a good thing for me to promote my business stuff so I am not leaving the planforms just yet. But unless I can find a balance that makes it work for me and allow enjoy the process I am not going to start to post pictures of my dinner or self-help-quotes just for the sake of putting something out there.

All my social media links are on this website so if you check them periodically you will know if and when I have found the balance. In the meantime, I am sticking with blogging and spending actual time with actual people and hopefully getting some actual work.

Gareth BootComment