New season, what you going to do?

Autumn is here in the Uk. The weather is taking a decidedly more wet and cold fee, the trees are starting to shed their leaves quicker than our politicians kick out another Brexit proposal and the noise of chavs setting off fireworks is filling the air after dusk. The summer is becoming a distant memory and already you can stock up on Christmas goodies on our supermarkets. I have even heard people saying it's been a good year, good year! there are 3 months left.

As we enter a new season this could be a good chance for you to focus on achieving something of note in the remaining three months of 2019. You have a full 82 days to get stuff done, and in the getting stuff done stakes, 82 days is a lot of time.

For example, in 82 days you could:-

  • Get that dream job you have been saying you are going to apply for.

  • Change your eating habits and lose those extra pounds you keep saying you're going to shed.

  • Join a gym and start building a stronger body.

  • Take up a new hobby.

  • Start writing that book.

  • Read those books you bought that are gathering dust on a shelve somewhere.

  • Resurrect those friendships you have let slip.

  • Start to practice meditating.

  • Start journaling.

The list could go on and on, hell, if your Phileas Fogg you could even go round the world and still be back with a couple of days to spare before the year ends.

All you need to get going are the following 3 things.

  1. A goal you would like to achieve.

  2. Between 3 to 5 actions you could take towards it.

  3. An important WHY for wanting to achieve it.

Write that down and then just get going, the rest will work itself out, but you must write it down, it won't work if it's just in your head.

I have got a couple of goals I am wanting to go for, I will tell you what they are in future posts and all through Autumn I will share how I am going with mine along with tips for how you can stay on track with yours. Get involved it will be like we're doing it together.

Gareth BootComment