Struggling to get stuff done?

Do you have a problem with getting stuff done? I know I do.

If left to my own devices I can find myself spending hours watching YouTube videos, googling "interesting facts" or finding anything to do other than those important tasks I have to complete.

For years this caused me issues, then once I realised and become aware I did it, I was able to sort it out.

Self-awareness is a great thing, I know we all have ideas on what we would like to be like but then there is the reality of what we are really like. I am a blue sky thinker, a bit of a dreamer and easily distrac.....look a squirrel!

I recognised that I need things to be interesting and varied, I always have a few projects on the go and I need that, why? because I like the variety it is important to me, variety and squirrels.

Self-awareness is recognising what is important to us and then doing that. Nobody has a problem managing their time when what they are doing is important to them, we always get the important things to us completed.

I can have a to-do list longer than a Leonard Cohen song but if it's interesting, varied and important to me, it gets done.

So an easy way to get on top of tasks that need doing is to ensure everything you do is something you like.

Ok, Gareth, that sounds nice but we can't always be doing things we like, life is not like that!

I agree, so the little trick here is to make the things you don't like or find interesting into things you do. Let me give you an example.

I am not a big fan of cutting my grass, having to march up and down my garden pushing a hover mower is dull. But I do like to live in a nice welcoming, orderly house. So when it comes time to get busy with the mower, I just change my view of it from cutting grass (borning) into me helping to keep my house welcoming and orderly (interesting)

This is called in the self-help world reframing and reframing works with any task.

When you use reframing to make the stuff you don't like to do into things that help you do or have the things you do like then you will be surprised just how effective you will become at getting stuff done.

These days I am on point with my time management, I always get stuff done all because using simple reframing to make any task feel interesting to me.

So if you struggle with your time management give it a go, you will be pleasantly surprised what you end up liking to do.

Right going to end this post here, there is grass to cut and a couple of squirrels have just appeared in the garden.

Gareth BootComment