A trip to A&E

It's always nice to get text messages from my kids. As they are all growing up fast and I fall ever further down their list of priorities, I always appreciate them contacting me. The kids, today don't seem to make phone calls and I end up having a prolonged text conversation when a simple 1 min phone call would have done the job, but hey, it's what kids do apparently.

Normally their texts are requesting some sort of financial contribution from me but today I got one asking if I could take my eldest to the hospital. After a couple of messages back and forth I determined it was nothing too serious only a bit of a sore ankle.

Apparently, on a recent night out she had managed to go over on her ankle and was in some discomfort and needed to get it checked out. During the ten-minute drive to the A&E walk-in clinic, I managed to get to the bottom of the case of the injury. In the early hours of Sunday morning while carrying one of her friends on her back through a nightclub a couple of lads who liked them decided it would be "fun" to push said friend off her back. The resulting push caused my eldest to fall over on her high heels, land on her knee and twist her ankle. My daughter, her friend and the lads all seemed to find this amusing and despite her injuries, she managed to soldier on and continue her night of high jinx and merriment.

As we approached A&E I managed to convince my daughter that perhaps telling the receptionist of the exact cause of her injury was probably not the best thing to do and instead a simple explanation that she lost her footing going down some steps would play better with them.

We got in as it opened but within minutes the place was full up, among the many people waiting to be seen was a young(ish) lady complaining of feeling sick and a man who had come to have his hand seen to following banging it this weekend at home. There was a bit of me did wonder if the man's injury had been caused in similar circumstances to my daughters.

I expected a long wait and was not disappointed. But there was plenty to keep me occupied. There were people having conversations on mobile phones to overhear, people taking selfies to observe and more than a small amount of coughing

The highlight of the morning when the lady booked in with stomach issues had a problem with the vending machine giving here the packet of Doritos she had tried to buy. The machine got stuck and she was shouting at it as if in some way this would help release the packet of crisps from the machines mechanical clutches. But she had no need to worry as the man with the injured hand stepped up to save the day by smashing the front of the machine with his fist. The irony of a woman with possible gastroenteritis having her snack rescued by a man thumping a vending machine with a hand that less than ten minutes earlier was unable to hold a pen to sign a form seemed lost on everyone but me.

Some 3 hours later my daughter and I were leaving after an x-ray and two consultations with medical staff concluded that no real damage had been sone and she should put ice on her ankle it and rest it up

An interesting start to the week, some quality people watching opportunities and a chance to spend some time with my daughter, a treat I don't get that often these days