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Well, October looms and in the last week our weather here in Wakefield has taken on a decidedly Autumnal feel. 

Summer is rapidly becoming a distant memory, but what a Summer it has been.

I made the decision back in June to concentrate on using the summer months to see how far I could push my fitness. I also wanted to take a break from having to blog, podcast and post on social media. These elements combined have got me entering Autun feeling very fit, relaxed and calm. I can say without any doubt I am fitter now than I have ever been and a level of focus, discipline and patience has come to me that I had douted at ties I would ever attain.

I look back at the year so far and I have come a long way, I am pleased with the progress but have to be honest that a lot of the stuff I tried just did not work for me. I was trying way too hard to create content that I thought people would like as opposed to what I felt I wanted to create. I put this down in most parts to the surprising popularity of my Facebook page. The audience there seemed to like the quotes I put on and so I just continued to add them so the likes would keep rolling in. This limited me a lot and in the end, it felt contrived and a watered-down version of what I was about. In a calm moment of reflection, I realised I had become the equivalent of an online performing seal. The audience loves them but you know deep down the seal is not that happy jumping through hoops to keep a few onlookers entertained.

Then there was the podcast. It went well I was getting a lot of listeners from all over the world but again this was not feeling right. I was toning down my message, watching the words I used as so not to offend and the obligation I felt to record a podcast a couple of times a week was resulting in episodes I felt were poor and not what I wanted to produce. What did stand out to me was how much better the episodes with guests were and how much more I enjoyed producing those, great learning.

The other elements of social media such as Instagram and Twitter just lost all interest for me.

Summer allowed me to just live life without the need to share most of it through posts, and I liked it. It also gave me chance to spend more time with Sue and as we talked and discussed the changes we had made to our lifestyle this year, we decided to bring back a business idea we had a few years ago called Btter24/7, more about that in future blogs.

But the reality is I have a business to build and I can't do that just sitting in my office and never connecting with the outside world, either via online platforms or in person.

So based on my Summer break and the learnings I have been gifted with this year so far I have made a few decisions.

  1. Delete my old blogs and start blogging again to help me get my thoughts out there and also improve my writing. But do it in more of a GB style. This post is the first of my new blog.

  2. Delete my old podcasts and start again with a new concept that I hope to have ready to go later in the Autumn.

  3. Delete my old Facebook business page, it has no value for me so I am not using that platform anymore for any GB related stuff.

  4. Reduce my time looking at facebook and leave all groups and unfollow pages I don't find of value.

  5. Post more on Instagram and Twitter but make it related to wellbeing and what I do.

  6. Only work with a small number of 1-2-1 clients who I like and can be of value to.

  7. Focus the majority of my time building Better24/7 with Sue.

For those of you that have been regular readers of past blogs may not be surprised at me deleting stuff and starting again, it is a very GB thing to do. But this time it does feel different, I have a very clear plan for the next 3 months and some key things I want to make happen or further changes will need to be made. I am genuinely excited about the Autumn and looking forward to a more business-focused three months following a Summer of fitness.

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