Let's be fair most of us spend a lot of time on Facebook, we know it well, and it gives us the chance to connect with friends and like-minded people.

So I have decided to use the Facebook platform to build a community around people interested in self-improvement and share some simple to follow ideas about “The CARE System” and anything related to self development.

The page is called “The BOOT Camp” and I post daily (Mon-Fri) on the page. As well as inspirational and motivational quotes I also post video and audio clips and answer questions people have around self-improvement.

So if you are ready to make some positive changes in your life and want to help build a self help community while helping yourself, bob over to the book of face and join us.

I am also on Instagram and Twitter where I share images and tweets about what I get up to in my health and fitness. Connect with me on those to see another side to me. Links at the bottom of the page.