Spring has Sprung.

Well, it would appear that Spring had now sprung.

With the new season comes a new sense of purpose for me and a chance to look back at the learning of the last 3 months and use this knowledge to move forward.

To say I have been doing a lot of testing and trying is an understatement, I will look back at the Winter months as a time I seemed to be making changes on almost a daily basis.

The Facebook page has had 3 name changes, the podcast has gone through a couple of rebrands and the website has been a long and painful process to get to feel right. But as I write this I am feeling comfortable with where its all at.

The biggest change I have made is in what I am focusing on with regards to my offering. I felt into life coach and business coach and they just did not seem to capture what I am about, close but not quite "it"

At times I felt I was banging my head against a brick wall. I would go to bed convinced I had got it right, only to wake the next morning and be faced with the fact that at some level I was missing something.

Away from the career, I have been working hard on my fitness and it was following a run one morning that I finally had my lightbulb moment. As I was sat on my couch getting my breath back, I felt this huge euphoric feeling of feeling good and I just said out loud to myself "wellbeing matters" and that was it. In a heartbeat it all became clear.

Never mind life or business coach, what I am about is wellbeing. It's how I live, its what I work on every day in my own life, it's really what I help my clients improve. Wellbeing covers everything in our lives that makes us feel comfortable, happy and healthy. It's a perfect fit for me.

I don't feel the need to label myself as a coach, I am simply someone who helps others improve their wellbeing, simple as that.

I have also entered Spring with a new idea around content I am going to share and how often. It will be based on sharing stuff I do and can evidence and it will be as and when I feel I have something to share. Gone are the daily posts and the unrealistic idea of trying to podcast 4 times a week. I want to concentrate now on quality over quantity and bring in a level of authenticity that I think will be more valuable to my clients and audience.

To put it even simpler I am now going to "document" not "create"

I have some broad ideas to post regularly on social media but not feel forced to make it too regular. The podcast I would like to do one good one each week and feel that a weekly blog will be enough.

The blog is a bit of a mess and not easy to navigate so I want to start to add tags and categories so my readers can find things that are relevant to them as and when they need it.

And on top of all this, Spring is about moving from just sharing content to gaining more clients. It's in line with my 12-month plan and I am thrilled about this as a few short weeks ago it did not look like this aspect would be possible until early June.

Spring for me is a time of new life, possibility and a chance to look ahead so if you are feeling a bit stuck and ready for a change, what better time of year to get into it than Spring.

Take Care


So how goes those resolutions?

We are well into 2019 now and although February here in the Uk is a dark cold month, there is the hint of Spring showings itself.

Statistically, February is the month most New Years resolutions fall by the wayside. So, did you manage to stay on track with yours?

If you have kept going, great stuff. If not, fear not there is still hope.

Regardless where you are with them, it's a good opportunity now to sit down without any judgment and review the year to date.

Once the days start to get longer, the weather kinder and the trees greener we all start to feel a lot better and with Spring comes a sense of optimism that may have been lacking in the last few weeks.

So in preparation for the start of Spring in March, set some time aside to look at what's next.

If you are still on track, can you do more? do you need to change some things? is it a case of more of the same?

If you fell off the resolution wagon, maybe its time to brush yourself down and get back on. You will have some valuable feedback on what didn't work so now you can go again trying something different.

Fresh starts always bring a sense of excitement and whenever you get the chance for one you should take it, and there are plenty of chances. The start of a new year, a new month, a new week, even a new day, all chances to say "let's do this" and go after those things you want to be, do or have in life.

The reality is life is like a lot of things, you get out what you put in, so if your feeling like you want more, ramp up the effort and see what you can do. You may well surprise yourself.



Sometimes we don't see the progress, but it's there.

I don't usually blog or do anything business related on the weekend, but today I thought, why?

My strategy for the next couple of months is to share content based on stuff I am doing, so less creating and more documenting.

When I thought about the people I follow on social media and the coaches I have got the best results from, they have always been those that walked the walk as well as talk the talk. And this blog is about something I did yesterday.

So, I am sat writing this blog late afternoon on Sunday after a weekend that has inspired me on my fitness journey.

I took up running back end of 2018 as I felt I was struggling on some of the more challenging walks I do and I felt running would be an excellent way to strengthen my legs.

Now before anybody reading this says "What as running and walking to do with life coaching?" well, one of my beliefs not just in my work but in life is that to live well and achieve things, we need to have good health and be in good physical shape.

So back to the running. For about 12 weeks now I have been getting out at least four times a week to do 3 miles each run and at times it has felt like I was going nowhere. But I kept plodding along and doing the miles. Anyway, yesterday was the first time I have walked a challenging route for a while, so I was interested to see how I would get on.

Along with my partner Sue, we headed to the Peak District to take on a walk we did last September. In September I struggled with one of the sections, a nasty steep ascent called Jacobs Ladder. Back then it was a near perfect day for walking, coolish and dry, but I had to stop four times on Jacobs ladder due to fatigue. Well, Yesterday the weather was very different, it was thick with snow, cold and very slippy underfoot, not great conditions at all.

As we approached the start of the ascent, I was questioning the sensibility of even coming out in these conditions let alone walking in them, but I thought to myself "just keep moving forward."

To avoid slipping, I was looking at the ground in front of me and making sure I was choosing the best footing possible, and after a few steps, this became quite hypnotic. So much so that when I did eventually look up, I found myself a few steps short of the summit.

I literally could not believe it, a climb that I had to stop on four times last time out was done in one go, and although I felt pushed it was so much easier this time.

The point of sharing this is this. On those days in the last 12 weeks when I was going out running I could not see or feel much of a change. But each day I was getting stronger and because the progress was small, it did not feel like I was.

So if you are on with a challenge or going after a goal, keep the faith, stick to the plan, it may not feel like it, but you be moving forward. Then one day you will look back and realise just how far you have come.

My achievement on the walk had boosted my motivation, and now I can't wait to get out again running in the morning, so next time I take on a big hill, I can skip up it. And when you see your progress, you will feel the same. SO keep going, it is always worth it.

Take Care


No social media for a week...the result

It was less than 3 hours into my week away from social media that I had my first "moment". I was out for dinner with my girls when I instinctively reached for my mobile phone to check my facebook. But the app was no longer there. Neither was Instagram or Twitter so I found myself looking at the sports news as what seemed like an incessant need for some information input hit me. It was this experience so soon on my week off that highlighted to me just how hooked I had become to all form of social media.

Over the weekend I was shocked how often I checked the BBC news or read articles on sports I don't even like as at some level this was feeding my need to be connected to the world wide web.

I decided I would allow this to continue until Monday morning. Once Monday rolled around I made an effort to check nothing on my phone and with a bit of willpower at first this decision held. As Monday went on it felt easier and by the late afternoon, I was feeling a sense of freedom rarely experienced in the last few months.

Not having to post on my Facebook page felt liberating at first but then I started to worry that the week away would affect my page like numbers and my audience would forget about me. Then I listed back to myself and realised how silly I was sounding.

I reminded myself that I had set out on a journey two years ago to become a professional life coach and to make a living out of that. I did not set out to create a page on Facebook that would take up a lot of my time and focus with the only reward being a few likes.

If my audience forgets about me, well they were not really my audience and the sooner that sorts itself out the better.

I am at my best when I give little thought to the likes and just go with the stuff on my mind and deliver that in video or podcast format. I am a talker, not a writer and over this week away I realise how I have let that element of my content slip, why? because the quotes get more likes...madness.

Although I was away from social media I did spend some time on the internet, most of it looking at my website. After 2 days pondering I made the decision that in my view, it was bollocks. All black and moody, not user-friendly, it had to change.

So on Wednesday I ripped it apart and built a new one, this act alone had such a positive impact as for the first time ever I was able to look at a site that on every level works for me. It felt like a site I would like and use if I was on the lookout for a life coach.

By stepping away from daily posting and constant looking at my social media I was able to remember exactly why I had started this journey into coaching and changes area ahead. And I remembered again who I really was as a coach.

There is a side to me the Facebook page gets to see and one that those people I work with see, and they are different. The people on Facebook need to see and experience me as my clients do. Now, this is not a fluffy, everything is wonderful, lets all just hope it will get better kind of bloke. No, far from it. I am not easy to work with, I expect a lot from myself and those I work with and the reward for allowing me to do my work my way is results.


I am going to mix it up, I have regained my curiosity and playful side and want to experiment more and push some boundaries in the coaching work. I did not come into this industry to make up the number I came into it to shake it up.

I am posting this blog on Monday, and going forward I will blog when I have something to say. That could be every day, once a week or maybe once a month, but it will not be forced.

Although I do much prefer the video on podcast method when I am in the mood for it I do get a lot out of creating written content and with each blog I have added confidence in my ability to put words on paper(or screen)

So to summarise this quite long by my standards blog and give you something you can take away and use it is this.....

When things feel like they are not going right for you, when things start to feel uncomfortable, don't quit, take some time and allow yourself to feel into what has to change in order for you to become comfortable and happy in it again.



I am having a week off social media!

Since Christmas, I have felt increasingly tired and my get up and go seems to have fucked off!

I thought I could push on through and ignore this, but this week I have realised something has to give.

I am aware I have made some big changes to my diet (gone Vegan) and I am running or walking every day and that may be a factor. But most of all I have a sense of mental fatigue, and growing frustration with online platforms especially Facebook.

Last year about this time I got so fed up with social media I deleted all my accounts and vowed never to return, clearly I did and in hindsight deleting everything was a big mistake.

So rather than let this feeling of tiredness grow and risk breaking the things I have had to work hard to build over the last 12 months, I am taking a short break. I need to rest my head a bit.

As much as I can direct my anger at the moment to social media, the reality is I am frustrated with myself. I am drifting along in my work as a coach without any definite direction and there seems to be more than a small amount of resistance to start marketing myself and start charging people for my time. This could be a lack of belief or interest to pursue this career and an indicator I should move on to pastures new, or the simple fact I that spending too much time online is not allowing me to work out and execute a realistic business plan. I believe a short break will give me the answers I am looking for.

This morning I posted on my page and informed the followers of the page I will be back on the 28th of January, even just posting this has brought a sense of relief and my head feels clearer already.

At 5 pm today I will log out of all social media platform on all my devices and my aim as hard as it may get is to not log in again until the 28th. Sounds simple, yes, but I suspect it may be harder than it sounds.

There will be no blog next week, I will blog again on the 1st of February.

You can't pour from an empty cup, and right now mine is bone dry. I can't talk to people about the importance of self-care if I don't follow my own advice.

Right, I am off for a snooze.



Back at it.

This week saw me get back to some semblance of normality after the Chrismas period. December was indeed a strange month. I can have no complaints about it went, I had intended to really embrace the Christmas spirit and enjoy some downtime and on that front, it was a real success. That said it did feel like it went on a week too long.

I was itching to get into 2019, I have been putting a great deal of thought and energy into making 2019 a big year on the career front, and to start the process this week felt good.

Based on my plans I have to say the first proper week went well, I have some goals around fitness that I had been working on in the last quarter of 2018 that I had timed to be at full speed come Jan 1ts and so far these are really working out. I feel my fitness improving daily and with that my target weight loss is within touching distance.

The purpose of the physical challenges is to create a discipline that can be transferred into my work. In order to achieve the career goals I have for 2019, I can have no more distractions or wasted days, my wriggle room is very limited.

This week as I looked ahead I became acutely aware of just how big a task I have. But rather than scare me, this understanding of the road ahead feels exhilarating, liberating and motivating.

I have a deep knowing internally that I am on the right path, and a sense of faith in myself to deliver. The facts are it's in my hands and mine alone and knowing that adds a level of accountability I like.

There are still some glitches in my process around content creation but on the whole, the signs are more than good.

I have assigned next week to look at a product creation schedule and once that is in place I will know when I can start to market my services properly and that will mark the first significant waypoint on the 2019 journey. If I can be at that point anytime before 1st Feb I will be ahead of schedule.

My aim now is to use my experience to create content of value for those that follow my stuff, next week on my FB page I will be covering of planning as this is an area most people get wrong. We have to plan well, as the quote says, failing to plan is planning to fail.



Happy New Year

Well as this is my first blog of 2019, it would be wrong of me not to wish you all a Happy New Year.

Like every 1st of January, the internet was awash with posts about new years resolutions. The gravy from my Christmas lunch was barely cold before I was being bombarded with offers online to "Make this year the best ever" or get e that beach body I have always wanted for Summer 2019.

Well if 2019 is going to be YOUR year, and you have set out with some new years resolutions, let me share with you my 3 tips on what not to do when embarking on changes.

1. Don't have too many.

People tend to take on too many things as far as goals and challenges are concerned. Just pick one, for now, you can do the others when you have nailed this one. And if you're unsure which one it should be, pick the one that will have the greatest positive impact on your life.

2. Don't make them too big.

Be realistic. If you have a resolution ot get into shape and you have never exercised, don't be aiming to run a marathon in June or have a bodybuilding physique for you two weeks in Tenerife in July, they are just not realistic.

Choose something that pushes you and takes you just out of your comfort zone.

3. Make sure it's your goal.

If what you want to change has been taken on to keep someone else happy, it is doomed to fail. So if you're going to become super organised and start doing DIY to keep her indoors happy, this will not happen.

All challenges take effort and always get tough. When it gets tough you need a big WHY for doing it or you will quit. And doing something to try and keep others happy is not a big enough why.

I personally think you can decide to change and make a resolution any time of the year. The 1st of January is popular but it doesn't matter if its the 1st of January, the 25th March or the 4th of July, you can change whenever you feel ready.

And once you are ready, you can decide then and there things are going to change. But please be patient, Rome was not built in a day and challenges and goals usually take longer than you think, are harder than you imagined and always cost more than you budgeted. But that said don't let it put you off, change is always worth it in the end.



Staying on plan.

So Christmas has been and gone, we are all still in that strange time where we have to think about what day of the week it is as happens over Christmas.

Well as I look back not just over the last few days, but over December I have to say it has been a great month.

I have had less stress, spent less money and had more enjoyment than any Christmas I can remember.

I had a plan and I stuck to it, and the plan worked and delivered what I expected.

By having a clear plan for what I was doing over the festive period and having a plan around my fitness that helped me keep my mind of shopping resulted in getting to where I wanted to be as I write this.

I planned to enjoy food but not too much, this helped me actually lose a pound over the last week. I kept up with my running ahead of my first ParkRun tomorrow and my budget for spending was kept comfortably within.

2019 is just around the corner and planning that is my focus over this weekend, so when most of the world is waking up on New Year's day nursing a hangover, I will already be out running and have a plan for the New Year to get into.

Planning is not difficult, it makes a massive difference to your chances of achieving anything and nothing builds confidence like nailing a plan.

Take Care


Silly season is almost here and I am trying something new.

Well, there is a buzz around everywhere I go at the moment as the fact Christmas day is only 4 days away. The frenzy in the shops is something I am aware of but this year it is different for me.

In previous years, this would have been the time that I was in sending mode, buying bits and pieces for my family and food for the house as I felt compelled to have an abundance of things to give or eat. This year is very different and I have to say this is down more to my partner Sue than me. She insisted we had done all our Christmas shopping before the end of November, something that felt good to have achieved. But the feeling of smugness for being so well organised allowed me to have the whole of December to get worked up about the fact I may not have got enough. This feeling has increased and today as I wrote this it has reached its peak.

Strangely picked walnuts, Stilton cheese and enough mince pies and chocolates to feed the street seem to be missing from my life and I am really having to show discipline from finding excuses to head to the shops alone.

The reason I am sharing this is that this Christmas I decided to try something new, a different approach and it feels uncomfortable. But this is how any change feels.

Despite the fact I have trained as a coach, know a lot of information and processes around change, it is not easy for me, I feel it just as acutely as everyone else.

So don't be put off if you are undergoing change and it feels bad or wrong, its par for the course, keep going your doing great.

No change is easy but it is worth it. I have a couple more days to push on through and then I have done it, achieved my goal and that drives me on.

My next blog entry will be in a week by which tie Christmas will be behind us and I am interested to see what comes up in that post.

Take Care



Well, its beginning to look (and feel) a lot like Christmas. This weekend we will be trimming the house up and after what has been a year with a lot of change and uncertainty in it, I get to have a few days taking it less seriously surrounded by our familiar Christmas decorations.

Next week I have set aside for study and writing. I have had a couple of books that I have wanted to ready for a while and "never found the time" so in the run of to Christmas I will nail those. I also intend to make the start on a new book I have in my head.

I fully intend to get well ahead of the game with my FB page and schedule the post right up to New Year's Eve so I can allow myself time to relax.

The whole point of this blog entry is to highlight that having clarity around what we want to experience helps us plan accordingly.

Planning is like any other skill, the more we do it, the better we get. I was a terrible planner a few years back but once I realised the importance of it and practised, I have since become much better.

Planning or more accurately lack of it is what hold many people back from moving forward. If you are always in a reactive mode it can be very stressful, and once you realise how simple it is, very unnecessary.

So if you want to make a start on getting better at planning, start planning! Start off with planning small things like your day. The habit of producing and following a to-do list is where I started and fro that it developed into longer-term planning. And always write those plans (no matter how small) down.

A New Year is just around the corner and in order to make the most of it, planning should become a priority. You will thank yourself 12 months from now for becoming a better planner and the levels of stress and confusion an unplanned life bring, will be a think of the past.



Christmas presence.

It can be particularly challenging to find resilience at this time of year. The days are short and daylight is sparse. Busyness ramps up with social gatherings and family get-togethers, and business starts to wind down with the onslaught of office parties and indulgent festive meals. These can take their toll emotionally, physically and mentally.

It’s easy to get swept away and overwhelmed by seasonal pressure, which is often self-inflicted. This is where clarity comes in. Have a plan for yourself as well as your friends and your loved ones. Knowing and deploying your resources is valuable in this potentially decadent time. If you enjoy rich food and a drink or two, make sure you give your liver a rest with a lighter regime the following day.

Every Sunday I make my plan of action for the week, whatever the time of year. Factor in some you time. Get your exercise in, even if it’s just a brisk walk round the block. Get your sleep in too. I’m an early riser with a tightly packed schedule and exercise is a vital element of my routine, as is meditation. I got a 2.5 mile run in the early hours this morning and although it was chucking it down, I felt the benefit all day with consistent energy levels. Yes, it was difficult. Yes, I’d have rather stayed in bed. However, my fitness is central to my health and wellbeing and therefore non-negotiable. Finding a routine that works for you is your key to a happy Christmas period and beyond. So get a pen and some paper and make a plan.

It’s so important to remember to take special CARE as the year comes to a close and as we look forward to 2019 with its promise of new and exciting challenges. Your nearest and dearest will thank you for the best present you can give - your Christmas presence.



Some changes had to be made

The last two weeks have been a crazy busy time for me, and it got me to a point where change was required.

This website has seen a lot of changes in look and feel over the last 12 months, but in the past few days I have settled on what I think is the right way to go. There always seems to be change in life don't you find?

But with change always comes clarity once you accept the change is happening.

My Facebook page was taking a route down a road I was not happy with, and this week I have started to pull it back around. It was too fluffy and did not represent what I wanted it to be. Of course, I am glad people like the posts, but I am way more than just someone who wants to get hundreds of like for a motivational quote each day, I am about helping people in more tangible way.

I have finally accepted that speaking and talking is what I do best and my focus over the next three months will be to find opportunities to speak to group around my CARE system and personal development. This decision has directed the changes made to the website. It has stayed as simplistic as I can make it, but there are a lot more pages. And the design has gone back to black, I like this look a lot more, and it sets a tone for the content that is more me.

The hardest thing I did in the rebuild was to take the decision to delete all the podcasts I had done. They had listened to many times, but again I felt they were too fluffy and had to go. I also deleted some of the other podcasts I had been doing as they were becoming a distraction. Rather than have a separate podcast for each of the areas I like to talk about, they are now all going to be on one, and I have called it "The BOOT Camp"

Now finding places to talk, groups to work with and people to collaborate on the podcast may not be an easy task, that said I am well up for it and part of my work recently has been to only have one of everything. There is one website, one podcast, one Twitter and Instagram account, one Facebook page and one focus, to get paid to help people improve their lives.

So the work begins today, and when everyone is slowing down for Christmas, I intend to push hard, so I am ahead of the game come the New Year.

We will see how it goes and I will inform you of my progress on the blog.



Don't fight change.

This morning as I sat down to write this week's blog, I was aware of how much has changed for me over the last three years.

On a physical level, I have lost a lot of weight, and I am now slimmer and fitter than I have ever been in my adult life.

My daily routine and business life are unrecognisbale from what it was, and even the office I sit writing this in is full on new and bit and pieces that have been required to produce all the digital media I need.

And on an emotional level, I am calmer and less stressed than I can remember for a long time.

All the change I have experienced worked out to be for the best and the fact is, change is always for the best. But even though I know that, I am still guilty of fighting change.

And I am sure I am not alone. How many of you reading this feel uncomfortable with change? How many of you have done everything to avoid change, only for it to happen anyway?

Change is the way of life, nothing stays the same forever, and that is how it should be, the old is replaced the new, and that is how progress happens.

I shared a quote on my facebook page today by, and I think its a great strategy for dealing with any change that is happening to us and it is:-

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

So the next time you feel yourself resisting change, remember this quote and focus on the future.



A year older and time to reflect.

This week saw me celebrate my 48th birthday and as is normal around this time every year I feel very reflective.

The 31st of October is not only my birthday it also happens to be Halloween and over the years the way this has been celebrated in the Uk has changed so much.

When I was a lad there were no pumpkins to carve, the best we could come up with was a hollowed out turnip. And hollowing out a turnip is no easy task. And we had no fancy outfits to wear, a sheet with eye holes cut out was it, everyone was a ghost.

But in the years since my youth Holloween has become a big deal and unrecognizable to the celebrations of the 80's.

This year as I sat on my birthday reflecting on my life, in general, it was how much change I have seen in my 48 years that came up.

Change is something all of have to experience and for most of us change is uncomfortable. But change is necessary, nothing can stay the same.

The biggest reason that people struggle with self-improvement is the level of change it takes and the fear of what that change will be like. My experience is that change is never as bad as we think it will be and we only learn that by embracing change and doing it.

My Facebook page is getting a lot more likes and that is because I have embraced and followed through with some change and now I am sitting with the page and just seeing how that unfolds. If in time that page requires me to change more to serve the audience there, I have to be ready to make that change, whatever it may be.

If you are going to work to live the best life you can you have to get used to change and also get used to always feeling a little bit out of your depth. But that's cool because if you can hold it and keep going you will make some huge steps forward. And your life just like my early Halloween will be recognizable in a few years time.



Keep raising the bar.

At the start of the week, I was spending some time reviewing how my Facebook page has done over the last 30 days. I have to say the level of likes and interaction on the posts has somewhat blown me away.

And where I would have been happy as the start of September with a dozen likes on a post and a couple of hundred people liking the site, those expectations have risen.

When we set off on a project or challenge, it is really important we don't overwhelm ourselves by looking to go too far too fast. This is advice I give to people I work with and also I follow myself, hence I set the bar low as far as the page was concerned to start with.

But once we start to see some progress we have to keep it going and keep raising the bar.

Once we have the momentum we should move forward and see just how far that can take up. It's taking little steps each day and doing that consistently that gets us furthest. And a goal should be an indication of where you want to be a sore point in the future, it may well be that where you end up is way beyond that.



Don't look back, you're not going that way

This could be classed as lazy blogging but I wrote a post on my FB page that I liked and thought was important. So for anyone reading this blog that does not follow my page I thought I would share it here....

I often tell people that the quickest route to unhappiness is comparing ourselves to others. But a close second is living in the past.

I used to do this a lot.

Looking back at past times I enjoyed and wishing it could "be like that again", or looking at past mistakes and reliving them in my head with the hope somehow I could make the wrongs, right. Well, it won't and I can't. None of us can go back.

At some level, we all know this, yet still, we do it.

But, and this is a BIG but, we can learn from the past.

The stuff that made the good times good can be repeated, the mistakes we made can be avoided.

Our past does not determine our future, but it can inform it.

We all wake up each day with the chance to turn things around, take those first steps to doing and being what we have always wanted to do and be.

Don't let thoughts of, it's too late, I am too old, I am not good enough and 100's of other reasons we can come up with not to be who we truly want to be, stop you from trying.

So I write this post today for the person who is ready to go for it, make that change, do that thing. Yes you may be scared, yes you may have self-doubt, but take the first few steps in faith and the confidence will grow. And once you take those steps just keep looking ahead and don't turn back, your best is in front of you, go for it.



Support, getting and giving it.

We all need some help and support sometimes. I believe this that's why it is on the home page of my website. Why do I believe this? Because it is help and support from others that had made the difference in my life when I was struggling.

Sometimes the difference of success or failure in things we take on can be a little bit of support. But to get it you have to as for it, and for some people asking is just too hard, why? It's your ego!

When people tell me, they have "no ego" or even better "I have removed my ego" I always have a little chuckle inside. We all have ego's we need one, and they keep us alive.

If you find yourself struggling right now with some aspect of your life the only thing stopping you from getting the help is your ego. So tell the ego to do one and reach out for some support.

The flip side to getting support is giving support. We can all have a massive impact on others if we are willing to offer support when it's needed. A simple act of kindness can have an enormous effect on another person and helping someone when they need it not only help them, but it will give you a deep sense of satisfaction so its a win/win.

Understanding the importance of support, both giving and receiving will change your outlook on many things and once you get used to asking for it and giving it, you will have a much happier life and will surprise yourself how far you can go.

Imagine a world where we were all comfortable with asking for and giving support, what a wonderful world that would be.



Get flexible.

When we start new things it vital that we are constantly appraising the situation and making adjustments.

It's good to have a plan but you need to be flexible with it.

Having the correct mindset around changing things quickly when required or seeing any opportunities that may arise along the way can help us move forward faster.

One BIG reason people struggle and stutter with change is that they become so focused on having to do it the way they planned that they leave no room for flexibility.

So what is the correct mindset?

Well, firstly recognise a plan is just a plan, it can be based on many assumptions and those assumptions could be wrong. Once you start to put your plan into action some new facts may appear and if you understand that and are ok with it, you will do better.

Secondly, just because it's not all plain sailing does not mean you have got it wrong, in fact, to go further and say if it was all plain sailing I would say you have probably got it wrong. Dealing with self-doubt is part of the journey, we all get it, accept that and push on through it.

Change is a challenge, at times it can feel beautiful and flowing, at other times it can have us on our knees ready to quit but if we have faith and keep going and deploy some flexibility when required, we will get to where we want to be.

Only a short blog this week, but an important content that we all need to understand if we are wanting to change some stuff in our lives in a positive way.



Being Yourself.

I posted a quote on my Facebook page this week, the quote was:-

"Be yourself, everyone else is taken"

It was a quote that had an impact on me some years back and one I like to remind myself of every now and again.

So this week when it saw it again I felt it would be good to share with the people following my Facebook Page. What I was not prepared for was the number of people it would have resonated with and who would like the post.

I am at the early stages with the page and for me, 6 or 7 likes is a decent performance for anything I put on there. But this quote has had over 40 likes as I write this and that blew me away.

It's clear that being ourselves or the challenge we face in actually being ourselves is something a lot of us find hard.

As anyone who is familiar with my CARE system will know, CLARITY is so important, knowing what we want is essential to any change process or self-improvement. But CLARITY around who we are and our authentic self if even more fundamental that CLARITY around what we want.

Once we are coming from a place of authentic self, being who we really are, we make better and more meaningful decisions in everything else.

So if you are reading this and you have trouble showing the REAL version of who you are, a couple of things.

1. You are not alone, we all have challenges around this.

2. It takes courage and faith to step out and be YOU.

But once you take the first step in faith, the courage to be yourself will come, but you have to take that first step in faith and that's the scary bit.

So, I challenge you after reading this to take that first step. We are all uniquely different and even if you don't believe it, the real version and authentic version of you is more than good enough.

We all have one desire as humans and that is to be "Happy" and the way to be truly happy is to be yourself, so start today that journey into showing the world who you really are. I look forward to meeting the real you.



Keep moving forward!

This week has been a real week of ups and downs. I wanted to share this so anyone reading my stuff either here or on Facebook realise that even though I am somewhat trained in how to improve mindset, it's not always plain sailing for me.

I am 3 weeks into my Autumn project and on the whole, it has gone well. But where the first two weeks went smoothly, this week I had to dig deep.

Everything I tried just felt like hard work, and I think a lot of people can have days and weeks like that.

Now I could post a load of positive, smiley images on Instagram and Facebook and I could write this blog about positive stuff, but that would not be true. If I expect people to be authentic and real with me, I need to be authentic and real with them.

So what I want to say in this blog is that even though some days will come up when your get up and go has gone, just keep moving forward. Step by step, even if those steps are difficult, you are getting closer to your goal.

Writing my blog is in effect the last act of the working week for me, so to be doing this and posting it now feels like I have ticked all the boxes and despite it not feeling so great, the week has been efficient.

I have a weekend of chilling out planned with a walk in what looks like wet weather planned and I feel confident that I will step into next week ready to take it all on again.

So whatever you are up to next week, remember, it may be a smooth one, or it may be a challenging one, but if you have a plan, keep it simple and keep doing the work, you will still be doing well and be moving forward. And moving forward is what it is all about.