Support, getting and giving it.

We all need some help and support sometimes. I believe this that's why it is on the home page of my website. Why do I believe this? Because it is help and support from others that had made the difference in my life when I was struggling.

Sometimes the difference of success or failure in things we take on can be a little bit of support. But to get it you have to as for it, and for some people asking is just too hard, why? It's your ego!

When people tell me, they have "no ego" or even better "I have removed my ego" I always have a little chuckle inside. We all have ego's we need one, and they keep us alive.

If you find yourself struggling right now with some aspect of your life the only thing stopping you from getting the help is your ego. So tell the ego to do one and reach out for some support.

The flip side to getting support is giving support. We can all have a massive impact on others if we are willing to offer support when it's needed. A simple act of kindness can have an enormous effect on another person and helping someone when they need it not only help them, but it will give you a deep sense of satisfaction so its a win/win.

Understanding the importance of support, both giving and receiving will change your outlook on many things and once you get used to asking for it and giving it, you will have a much happier life and will surprise yourself how far you can go.

Imagine a world where we were all comfortable with asking for and giving support, what a wonderful world that would be.