Don't look back, you're not going that way

This could be classed as lazy blogging but I wrote a post on my FB page that I liked and thought was important. So for anyone reading this blog that does not follow my page I thought I would share it here....

I often tell people that the quickest route to unhappiness is comparing ourselves to others. But a close second is living in the past.

I used to do this a lot.

Looking back at past times I enjoyed and wishing it could "be like that again", or looking at past mistakes and reliving them in my head with the hope somehow I could make the wrongs, right. Well, it won't and I can't. None of us can go back.

At some level, we all know this, yet still, we do it.

But, and this is a BIG but, we can learn from the past.

The stuff that made the good times good can be repeated, the mistakes we made can be avoided.

Our past does not determine our future, but it can inform it.

We all wake up each day with the chance to turn things around, take those first steps to doing and being what we have always wanted to do and be.

Don't let thoughts of, it's too late, I am too old, I am not good enough and 100's of other reasons we can come up with not to be who we truly want to be, stop you from trying.

So I write this post today for the person who is ready to go for it, make that change, do that thing. Yes you may be scared, yes you may have self-doubt, but take the first few steps in faith and the confidence will grow. And once you take those steps just keep looking ahead and don't turn back, your best is in front of you, go for it.