Keep raising the bar.

At the start of the week, I was spending some time reviewing how my Facebook page has done over the last 30 days. I have to say the level of likes and interaction on the posts has somewhat blown me away.

And where I would have been happy as the start of September with a dozen likes on a post and a couple of hundred people liking the site, those expectations have risen.

When we set off on a project or challenge, it is really important we don't overwhelm ourselves by looking to go too far too fast. This is advice I give to people I work with and also I follow myself, hence I set the bar low as far as the page was concerned to start with.

But once we start to see some progress we have to keep it going and keep raising the bar.

Once we have the momentum we should move forward and see just how far that can take up. It's taking little steps each day and doing that consistently that gets us furthest. And a goal should be an indication of where you want to be a sore point in the future, it may well be that where you end up is way beyond that.