Get flexible.

When we start new things it vital that we are constantly appraising the situation and making adjustments.

It's good to have a plan but you need to be flexible with it.

Having the correct mindset around changing things quickly when required or seeing any opportunities that may arise along the way can help us move forward faster.

One BIG reason people struggle and stutter with change is that they become so focused on having to do it the way they planned that they leave no room for flexibility.

So what is the correct mindset?

Well, firstly recognise a plan is just a plan, it can be based on many assumptions and those assumptions could be wrong. Once you start to put your plan into action some new facts may appear and if you understand that and are ok with it, you will do better.

Secondly, just because it's not all plain sailing does not mean you have got it wrong, in fact, to go further and say if it was all plain sailing I would say you have probably got it wrong. Dealing with self-doubt is part of the journey, we all get it, accept that and push on through it.

Change is a challenge, at times it can feel beautiful and flowing, at other times it can have us on our knees ready to quit but if we have faith and keep going and deploy some flexibility when required, we will get to where we want to be.

Only a short blog this week, but an important content that we all need to understand if we are wanting to change some stuff in our lives in a positive way.