A year older and time to reflect.

This week saw me celebrate my 48th birthday and as is normal around this time every year I feel very reflective.

The 31st of October is not only my birthday it also happens to be Halloween and over the years the way this has been celebrated in the Uk has changed so much.

When I was a lad there were no pumpkins to carve, the best we could come up with was a hollowed out turnip. And hollowing out a turnip is no easy task. And we had no fancy outfits to wear, a sheet with eye holes cut out was it, everyone was a ghost.

But in the years since my youth Holloween has become a big deal and unrecognizable to the celebrations of the 80's.

This year as I sat on my birthday reflecting on my life, in general, it was how much change I have seen in my 48 years that came up.

Change is something all of have to experience and for most of us change is uncomfortable. But change is necessary, nothing can stay the same.

The biggest reason that people struggle with self-improvement is the level of change it takes and the fear of what that change will be like. My experience is that change is never as bad as we think it will be and we only learn that by embracing change and doing it.

My Facebook page is getting a lot more likes and that is because I have embraced and followed through with some change and now I am sitting with the page and just seeing how that unfolds. If in time that page requires me to change more to serve the audience there, I have to be ready to make that change, whatever it may be.

If you are going to work to live the best life you can you have to get used to change and also get used to always feeling a little bit out of your depth. But that's cool because if you can hold it and keep going you will make some huge steps forward. And your life just like my early Halloween will be recognizable in a few years time.