Some changes had to be made

The last two weeks have been a crazy busy time for me, and it got me to a point where change was required.

This website has seen a lot of changes in look and feel over the last 12 months, but in the past few days I have settled on what I think is the right way to go. There always seems to be change in life don't you find?

But with change always comes clarity once you accept the change is happening.

My Facebook page was taking a route down a road I was not happy with, and this week I have started to pull it back around. It was too fluffy and did not represent what I wanted it to be. Of course, I am glad people like the posts, but I am way more than just someone who wants to get hundreds of like for a motivational quote each day, I am about helping people in more tangible way.

I have finally accepted that speaking and talking is what I do best and my focus over the next three months will be to find opportunities to speak to group around my CARE system and personal development. This decision has directed the changes made to the website. It has stayed as simplistic as I can make it, but there are a lot more pages. And the design has gone back to black, I like this look a lot more, and it sets a tone for the content that is more me.

The hardest thing I did in the rebuild was to take the decision to delete all the podcasts I had done. They had listened to many times, but again I felt they were too fluffy and had to go. I also deleted some of the other podcasts I had been doing as they were becoming a distraction. Rather than have a separate podcast for each of the areas I like to talk about, they are now all going to be on one, and I have called it "The BOOT Camp"

Now finding places to talk, groups to work with and people to collaborate on the podcast may not be an easy task, that said I am well up for it and part of my work recently has been to only have one of everything. There is one website, one podcast, one Twitter and Instagram account, one Facebook page and one focus, to get paid to help people improve their lives.

So the work begins today, and when everyone is slowing down for Christmas, I intend to push hard, so I am ahead of the game come the New Year.

We will see how it goes and I will inform you of my progress on the blog.