Being Happy

It became really clear to me over the last 2 weeks that my Facebook page and what I was doing was changing.

One simple post about 3 weeks ago made me realise that the people following my page were there to feel happy. And it brought up in me my belief that above anything else in life people want to be, being happy is universal.

We all want to be happy.

So earlier this week I changed the name of the page and the podcast to "Being Happy" and it feels right.

I have also been questioning this week the real long-term practicality of focusing primarily on my online stuff. I need a regular income now and having the last few months away from the world of business has given me the break I needed. I am now ready to go back into it.

This Blog, the Facebook page and the podcast have allowed me to become more disciplined and get into a regular content posting routine. I fully intend to keep that going now but from today I will be limiting myself to one hour a day to produce all the content.

I found myself recently spending a lot of time just looking at Facebook and that is wasted time. I have books to read and businesses to plan and the reality is I have enough time to be able to make it all work if I am more switched on with how I best use the time I have. I know at some level I have been avoiding this but the decision is now made and it feels good.

Apart from any people I now work with I will be doing no more coaching and to that end, I have removed that offering from my website. I will simply produce content and leave it at that for now.

I have a weekend at home coming up and a chance to take it a bit easier before I go at this full bore on Monday.