Well, its beginning to look (and feel) a lot like Christmas. This weekend we will be trimming the house up and after what has been a year with a lot of change and uncertainty in it, I get to have a few days taking it less seriously surrounded by our familiar Christmas decorations.

Next week I have set aside for study and writing. I have had a couple of books that I have wanted to ready for a while and "never found the time" so in the run of to Christmas I will nail those. I also intend to make the start on a new book I have in my head.

I fully intend to get well ahead of the game with my FB page and schedule the post right up to New Year's Eve so I can allow myself time to relax.

The whole point of this blog entry is to highlight that having clarity around what we want to experience helps us plan accordingly.

Planning is like any other skill, the more we do it, the better we get. I was a terrible planner a few years back but once I realised the importance of it and practised, I have since become much better.

Planning or more accurately lack of it is what hold many people back from moving forward. If you are always in a reactive mode it can be very stressful, and once you realise how simple it is, very unnecessary.

So if you want to make a start on getting better at planning, start planning! Start off with planning small things like your day. The habit of producing and following a to-do list is where I started and fro that it developed into longer-term planning. And always write those plans (no matter how small) down.

A New Year is just around the corner and in order to make the most of it, planning should become a priority. You will thank yourself 12 months from now for becoming a better planner and the levels of stress and confusion an unplanned life bring, will be a think of the past.