Silly season is almost here and I am trying something new.

Well, there is a buzz around everywhere I go at the moment as the fact Christmas day is only 4 days away. The frenzy in the shops is something I am aware of but this year it is different for me.

In previous years, this would have been the time that I was in sending mode, buying bits and pieces for my family and food for the house as I felt compelled to have an abundance of things to give or eat. This year is very different and I have to say this is down more to my partner Sue than me. She insisted we had done all our Christmas shopping before the end of November, something that felt good to have achieved. But the feeling of smugness for being so well organised allowed me to have the whole of December to get worked up about the fact I may not have got enough. This feeling has increased and today as I wrote this it has reached its peak.

Strangely picked walnuts, Stilton cheese and enough mince pies and chocolates to feed the street seem to be missing from my life and I am really having to show discipline from finding excuses to head to the shops alone.

The reason I am sharing this is that this Christmas I decided to try something new, a different approach and it feels uncomfortable. But this is how any change feels.

Despite the fact I have trained as a coach, know a lot of information and processes around change, it is not easy for me, I feel it just as acutely as everyone else.

So don't be put off if you are undergoing change and it feels bad or wrong, its par for the course, keep going your doing great.

No change is easy but it is worth it. I have a couple more days to push on through and then I have done it, achieved my goal and that drives me on.

My next blog entry will be in a week by which tie Christmas will be behind us and I am interested to see what comes up in that post.

Take Care