Christmas presence.

It can be particularly challenging to find resilience at this time of year. The days are short and daylight is sparse. Busyness ramps up with social gatherings and family get-togethers, and business starts to wind down with the onslaught of office parties and indulgent festive meals. These can take their toll emotionally, physically and mentally.

It’s easy to get swept away and overwhelmed by seasonal pressure, which is often self-inflicted. This is where clarity comes in. Have a plan for yourself as well as your friends and your loved ones. Knowing and deploying your resources is valuable in this potentially decadent time. If you enjoy rich food and a drink or two, make sure you give your liver a rest with a lighter regime the following day.

Every Sunday I make my plan of action for the week, whatever the time of year. Factor in some you time. Get your exercise in, even if it’s just a brisk walk round the block. Get your sleep in too. I’m an early riser with a tightly packed schedule and exercise is a vital element of my routine, as is meditation. I got a 2.5 mile run in the early hours this morning and although it was chucking it down, I felt the benefit all day with consistent energy levels. Yes, it was difficult. Yes, I’d have rather stayed in bed. However, my fitness is central to my health and wellbeing and therefore non-negotiable. Finding a routine that works for you is your key to a happy Christmas period and beyond. So get a pen and some paper and make a plan.

It’s so important to remember to take special CARE as the year comes to a close and as we look forward to 2019 with its promise of new and exciting challenges. Your nearest and dearest will thank you for the best present you can give - your Christmas presence.