Ready to Rumble.

The last week has been pretty much taken up learning as much as I could learn about podcasting. I feel the podcasting craze is real and just like YouTube and Facebook before it, we will see an increase in the number of people podcasting and as the applications to listen to them get easier, more people will be listening.
Time is our greatest asset and where video and reading are popular, we can't do those things when engaged in other pursuits such as working out or driving. But podcasts can be listened to really anywhere and anytime with the addition of a pair of headphones. 
I made my podcast like at the start of the week and I set myself a target of having 10 episodes up before I went away later today. I currently stand at 9 and once this blog is posted I will be recording episode 10 and then my goal is complete.
Seven days ago I had a very basic setup for the podcasting but in typical Gareth style, I had to get some more tech this week to complete my studio. I know I am a big kid but I still get excited about new "Boys Toys" and do believe we should always use the best equipment available to us.
So now I have enough tech and equipment to make a small radio station envious and all I need to do now is produce content. 
I return home from a short break on Monday and that will mark the start of my real journey into growing my "Taking CARE of Yourself" brand. Lots to do and all of it exciting so I am officially ready to rumble...Let's do this.