The Autumn Project.

All through the summer of 2018, I had been working towards starting some new things once we got into September.

I am a big fan of fresh starts, new projects and drawing a line in the sand and moving on and the 1st of September gave me the chance to do all of the above.

I had consciously taken some time away from developing my online work and promotion of "Taking CARE of Yourself" I needed to really leave it alone and get some clarity around the next stages in not just my business development but my own life and personal development. The time away was just perfect.

This year in the UK we had an amazing Summer and for the first time in 3 years, My partner Sue and myself decided to not have a Summer holiday as such and instead use the time between June and September to enjoy my home and spend more time outdoors in the UK. I enjoy hill walking and the weather along with the time away from real work gave me the opportunity to walk a lot more and walk in some places we have never visited before. I managed a couple of weekends away with my kids and we have created some great experiences that will live long in the memory.

But once I woke up on Saturday the 1st of September, I was ready to get going again. Autumn 2018 is all about building for the future and I was excited to get into what I am now calling the Autumn project. So I thought I would share in this post a basic outline of the project, it will help the readers see just how I deploy my CARE system in my own life.

I have 3 focus areas that cover off what I see as my main challenges:-

1. Improved fitness and muscle growth.

2. The growth of a community for people interested in personal development.

3. Creation of a seperate business that can become a passive income stream.

The thing you will see straight away is that it's not that complicated because there are only 3 focus areas. Also, the 3 focus areas I have some knowledge about so nothing on the list is too overwhelming and all are very practical as far as achievement is concerned.

The key to getting the results in the areas in more about consistency than capability as I recognised it is consistency that I need to develop as this will help me in the next 12 months.

I have also made this a short 3-month project as I think anything longer than that can give us the illusion we have loads of time an therefore easily become complacent and actually get little done.

So in each area, I have set a schedule for activity that is simple but challenging, but not too challenging. I have kept the steps so simple that really I have plenty of room for other stuff to come up and still be manageable. But my simple schedule is written down and that makes it easier to remember and follow.

If things go as I have planned by the time we enter Winter I will have a small effective community building that can support everyday people in improving their lives if they desire to do so. I will also have developed a set of practices around my diet and training that will give me a body that has more energy and ability to do my walking and working and I will have an income stream that allows me to continue to enjoy the lifestyle I have designed since 2016.

I would really encourage anyone reading this with some challenges to overcome or goals to chase to actually take some time to sit down and write a simple plan, and by simple it should fit easily on an A4 sheet of paper. That sheet of paper should be read each day to keep your focus and the actions you take should be small actions just above your comfort zone.

By doing this in time and with some patience you will be surprised how far you can go.

I am 2 weeks into the Autumn Project and so far I am pleased with the progress if I can keep this up for another week or so I will have confidence in the process and my consistency will be holding.