Keep moving forward!

This week has been a real week of ups and downs. I wanted to share this so anyone reading my stuff either here or on Facebook realise that even though I am somewhat trained in how to improve mindset, it's not always plain sailing for me.

I am 3 weeks into my Autumn project and on the whole, it has gone well. But where the first two weeks went smoothly, this week I had to dig deep.

Everything I tried just felt like hard work, and I think a lot of people can have days and weeks like that.

Now I could post a load of positive, smiley images on Instagram and Facebook and I could write this blog about positive stuff, but that would not be true. If I expect people to be authentic and real with me, I need to be authentic and real with them.

So what I want to say in this blog is that even though some days will come up when your get up and go has gone, just keep moving forward. Step by step, even if those steps are difficult, you are getting closer to your goal.

Writing my blog is in effect the last act of the working week for me, so to be doing this and posting it now feels like I have ticked all the boxes and despite it not feeling so great, the week has been efficient.

I have a weekend of chilling out planned with a walk in what looks like wet weather planned and I feel confident that I will step into next week ready to take it all on again.

So whatever you are up to next week, remember, it may be a smooth one, or it may be a challenging one, but if you have a plan, keep it simple and keep doing the work, you will still be doing well and be moving forward. And moving forward is what it is all about.