Being Yourself.

I posted a quote on my Facebook page this week, the quote was:-

"Be yourself, everyone else is taken"

It was a quote that had an impact on me some years back and one I like to remind myself of every now and again.

So this week when it saw it again I felt it would be good to share with the people following my Facebook Page. What I was not prepared for was the number of people it would have resonated with and who would like the post.

I am at the early stages with the page and for me, 6 or 7 likes is a decent performance for anything I put on there. But this quote has had over 40 likes as I write this and that blew me away.

It's clear that being ourselves or the challenge we face in actually being ourselves is something a lot of us find hard.

As anyone who is familiar with my CARE system will know, CLARITY is so important, knowing what we want is essential to any change process or self-improvement. But CLARITY around who we are and our authentic self if even more fundamental that CLARITY around what we want.

Once we are coming from a place of authentic self, being who we really are, we make better and more meaningful decisions in everything else.

So if you are reading this and you have trouble showing the REAL version of who you are, a couple of things.

1. You are not alone, we all have challenges around this.

2. It takes courage and faith to step out and be YOU.

But once you take the first step in faith, the courage to be yourself will come, but you have to take that first step in faith and that's the scary bit.

So, I challenge you after reading this to take that first step. We are all uniquely different and even if you don't believe it, the real version and authentic version of you is more than good enough.

We all have one desire as humans and that is to be "Happy" and the way to be truly happy is to be yourself, so start today that journey into showing the world who you really are. I look forward to meeting the real you.