Don't let fear hold you back.

Of all the things that have held me back over the years, I would list fear as the greatest one. The fear of what "may" happen as stopped me taking opportunities and chances that lay before me.
And the more time I study people and work with clients, I see this fear of change coming up over and over again.
In the last 12 months, I have had moments when fear of doing something had me immobilized and in the end, the opportunity passed.
I feel fear around change at times, we all do and so you are reading this and not changing some things or doing some things in life because of it, you are not alone.
But this is the thing, all the things I feared never materialised. All the times I was kept awake at night before meetings or events because I had some fear about going was wasted because once I got in the room or to the meeting it went well. In fact more than went well, I genuinely enjoyed them.
Most of our fear is based on what we 'Think" it might be like.
What I now strive to do is when I feel fear come up I change my thinking, I look not at what I fear could go wrong, but more on what could go really well. This way of thinking is a game changer.
Even the most successful people feel fear, it's a natural human response. The people that seem to do better in life are the ones who feel the fear but do it anyway. And to step into the fear takes a bit of faith. Faith that a lot of the fear is imagined and faith in yourself that you will be able to do that thing you have the fear around.
So if you are reading this and right now have something you are putting off because of it I would encourage you to have faith and go for it. It's never as bad as you imagine and on the other side of fear is growth.