Back at it.

This week saw me get back to some semblance of normality after the Chrismas period. December was indeed a strange month. I can have no complaints about it went, I had intended to really embrace the Christmas spirit and enjoy some downtime and on that front, it was a real success. That said it did feel like it went on a week too long.

I was itching to get into 2019, I have been putting a great deal of thought and energy into making 2019 a big year on the career front, and to start the process this week felt good.

Based on my plans I have to say the first proper week went well, I have some goals around fitness that I had been working on in the last quarter of 2018 that I had timed to be at full speed come Jan 1ts and so far these are really working out. I feel my fitness improving daily and with that my target weight loss is within touching distance.

The purpose of the physical challenges is to create a discipline that can be transferred into my work. In order to achieve the career goals I have for 2019, I can have no more distractions or wasted days, my wriggle room is very limited.

This week as I looked ahead I became acutely aware of just how big a task I have. But rather than scare me, this understanding of the road ahead feels exhilarating, liberating and motivating.

I have a deep knowing internally that I am on the right path, and a sense of faith in myself to deliver. The facts are it's in my hands and mine alone and knowing that adds a level of accountability I like.

There are still some glitches in my process around content creation but on the whole, the signs are more than good.

I have assigned next week to look at a product creation schedule and once that is in place I will know when I can start to market my services properly and that will mark the first significant waypoint on the 2019 journey. If I can be at that point anytime before 1st Feb I will be ahead of schedule.

My aim now is to use my experience to create content of value for those that follow my stuff, next week on my FB page I will be covering of planning as this is an area most people get wrong. We have to plan well, as the quote says, failing to plan is planning to fail.