No social media for a week...the result

It was less than 3 hours into my week away from social media that I had my first "moment". I was out for dinner with my girls when I instinctively reached for my mobile phone to check my facebook. But the app was no longer there. Neither was Instagram or Twitter so I found myself looking at the sports news as what seemed like an incessant need for some information input hit me. It was this experience so soon on my week off that highlighted to me just how hooked I had become to all form of social media.

Over the weekend I was shocked how often I checked the BBC news or read articles on sports I don't even like as at some level this was feeding my need to be connected to the world wide web.

I decided I would allow this to continue until Monday morning. Once Monday rolled around I made an effort to check nothing on my phone and with a bit of willpower at first this decision held. As Monday went on it felt easier and by the late afternoon, I was feeling a sense of freedom rarely experienced in the last few months.

Not having to post on my Facebook page felt liberating at first but then I started to worry that the week away would affect my page like numbers and my audience would forget about me. Then I listed back to myself and realised how silly I was sounding.

I reminded myself that I had set out on a journey two years ago to become a professional life coach and to make a living out of that. I did not set out to create a page on Facebook that would take up a lot of my time and focus with the only reward being a few likes.

If my audience forgets about me, well they were not really my audience and the sooner that sorts itself out the better.

I am at my best when I give little thought to the likes and just go with the stuff on my mind and deliver that in video or podcast format. I am a talker, not a writer and over this week away I realise how I have let that element of my content slip, why? because the quotes get more likes...madness.

Although I was away from social media I did spend some time on the internet, most of it looking at my website. After 2 days pondering I made the decision that in my view, it was bollocks. All black and moody, not user-friendly, it had to change.

So on Wednesday I ripped it apart and built a new one, this act alone had such a positive impact as for the first time ever I was able to look at a site that on every level works for me. It felt like a site I would like and use if I was on the lookout for a life coach.

By stepping away from daily posting and constant looking at my social media I was able to remember exactly why I had started this journey into coaching and changes area ahead. And I remembered again who I really was as a coach.

There is a side to me the Facebook page gets to see and one that those people I work with see, and they are different. The people on Facebook need to see and experience me as my clients do. Now, this is not a fluffy, everything is wonderful, lets all just hope it will get better kind of bloke. No, far from it. I am not easy to work with, I expect a lot from myself and those I work with and the reward for allowing me to do my work my way is results.


I am going to mix it up, I have regained my curiosity and playful side and want to experiment more and push some boundaries in the coaching work. I did not come into this industry to make up the number I came into it to shake it up.

I am posting this blog on Monday, and going forward I will blog when I have something to say. That could be every day, once a week or maybe once a month, but it will not be forced.

Although I do much prefer the video on podcast method when I am in the mood for it I do get a lot out of creating written content and with each blog I have added confidence in my ability to put words on paper(or screen)

So to summarise this quite long by my standards blog and give you something you can take away and use it is this.....

When things feel like they are not going right for you, when things start to feel uncomfortable, don't quit, take some time and allow yourself to feel into what has to change in order for you to become comfortable and happy in it again.