Sometimes we don't see the progress, but it's there.

I don't usually blog or do anything business related on the weekend, but today I thought, why?

My strategy for the next couple of months is to share content based on stuff I am doing, so less creating and more documenting.

When I thought about the people I follow on social media and the coaches I have got the best results from, they have always been those that walked the walk as well as talk the talk. And this blog is about something I did yesterday.

So, I am sat writing this blog late afternoon on Sunday after a weekend that has inspired me on my fitness journey.

I took up running back end of 2018 as I felt I was struggling on some of the more challenging walks I do and I felt running would be an excellent way to strengthen my legs.

Now before anybody reading this says "What as running and walking to do with life coaching?" well, one of my beliefs not just in my work but in life is that to live well and achieve things, we need to have good health and be in good physical shape.

So back to the running. For about 12 weeks now I have been getting out at least four times a week to do 3 miles each run and at times it has felt like I was going nowhere. But I kept plodding along and doing the miles. Anyway, yesterday was the first time I have walked a challenging route for a while, so I was interested to see how I would get on.

Along with my partner Sue, we headed to the Peak District to take on a walk we did last September. In September I struggled with one of the sections, a nasty steep ascent called Jacobs Ladder. Back then it was a near perfect day for walking, coolish and dry, but I had to stop four times on Jacobs ladder due to fatigue. Well, Yesterday the weather was very different, it was thick with snow, cold and very slippy underfoot, not great conditions at all.

As we approached the start of the ascent, I was questioning the sensibility of even coming out in these conditions let alone walking in them, but I thought to myself "just keep moving forward."

To avoid slipping, I was looking at the ground in front of me and making sure I was choosing the best footing possible, and after a few steps, this became quite hypnotic. So much so that when I did eventually look up, I found myself a few steps short of the summit.

I literally could not believe it, a climb that I had to stop on four times last time out was done in one go, and although I felt pushed it was so much easier this time.

The point of sharing this is this. On those days in the last 12 weeks when I was going out running I could not see or feel much of a change. But each day I was getting stronger and because the progress was small, it did not feel like I was.

So if you are on with a challenge or going after a goal, keep the faith, stick to the plan, it may not feel like it, but you be moving forward. Then one day you will look back and realise just how far you have come.

My achievement on the walk had boosted my motivation, and now I can't wait to get out again running in the morning, so next time I take on a big hill, I can skip up it. And when you see your progress, you will feel the same. SO keep going, it is always worth it.

Take Care