Doing things out of our comfort zone (pt 1)

This is part 1 of a bog I think will be interesting to write for me.

For the first time in a couple of years, this morning I am attending a business networking event. I thought I would do a kind of before and after blog post. (this one is the before)

I have never been a fan of business networking, for me the events I attended always felt like a bit f a waste of time. That said, I owned a business at the time that would not have been of any interest to anyone in the room. Now fast forward a few years and I have a business in coaching that in my view could help any small business owner, so a much different offering.

Since I made the decision to go full time into coaching I have been putting off going Networking. I think it's been a bit of nerves along with a negative belief I have about coaches I have met at these events. What I do know is both these ways of thinking can be overcome and this morning I am about to begin overcoming them.

To make today I bit easier I have decided to attend with a friend, he is also not a fan of networking so the fact we are going together should at least ensure we get through the door. I have also picked a smaller event that will probably have a few familiar faces at it.

As I write this I am not as nervous as I thought I might be this morning, in fact, I am almost looking forward to it. In some ways, it feels like a bit of a start as far as promoting myself and my work goes. But I have also deployed a different strategy towards going. In the past when I was unsure about going anywhere or doing anything I would keep thinking about how "bad" it would be. In no time at all I could get myself so worked up I would feel sick. Ahead of today's gathering, I am thinking about how much "fun" it might be, and calling it research for my marketing and that shift in mindset seems to be working.

Whoever we are and whatever we do, there are times we have to do things that will feel out of our comfort zones, it's unavoidable if we want to grow. But even those of us that help others step out of their comfort zones still face the same fears and apprehensions, sometimes we just hide it well.

Putting ourselves "out there" is a big step, I remember vividly how nervous I felt the first time I published a blog or did a business facebook post and the first time I published a podcast I was a gibbering wreck. I remember wondering what people would say or think, I had this fear I would be criticised and look silly. In the end, the fear was just that, f.e.a.r. (False Evidence Appearing Real).

I now blog, podcast and post as and when I want to and never think a second about it. I suspect that after today networking could hold a similar lack of concern for me.

So that's the end of part 1, I will write part two when I return home in a few hours.

Take Care


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