Doing things out of our comfort zone (pt 2)

So, I am fresh back from my first taste of networking for some time and I am happy to report, it went well.

I said before I went that I did not feel the nerves as much as last time and even as I walked in the room, I was feeling calm. The event lasted about 90mins and by the end, I had managed to talk to some interesting people, learn about some other events and learned some information regarding Facebook that could be vital for me and my marketing going forward.

I wanted to do these last two blogs to highlight what I think a lot of people feel at times and that is fear about stepping into new things.

I learned a long time back that even people who help others overcome challenges, still have their own challenges. Although I know a lot about mindset, overcoming limiting beliefs and behaviour, I still find things hard. But I also know, that most of what we get worked up about is never as bad as we imagine.

What I wanted any reader to get from these last two posts was that we can't avoid stepping out of our comfort zones and we at times just have to have faith in ourselves and go for it.

Will this networking event be my last, no. Will I try some things differently at the next, yes. Everything we experience is good feedback, feedback that either informs us to do more of the same or feedback that shows us we need to try something else.

So, if you right now are holding back from something because you have some fear around it, just go for it, you will probably be pleasantly surprised how much easier and more enjoyable is was once you give it a go.



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