Summer Starts Today!

Well, today is the 21st of June and that marks the start of the Summer. I always recall the images of the druids at Stonehenge when I think of the Sumer Solstice. Or the feast of St Juan in Spain where they have an evening of celebration to welcome the warmer months.

A new season is always a powerful time, a time, if we choose to, can be used to mark the start of a new phase in our lives.

I like to set an intention at the start of a new season, something to focus on for the next 90 days that will have some positive impact in my life. For me, the focus is on my physical health and fitness. By the end of Summer, I fully intend to be in the best shape of my adult life.

So what could you do that could have a positive impact on your life right now? What project could you start, what habit you could develop or what skill you could learn?

Sometimes a fresh start, a significant day or date can help us become focused on change and give us the motivation required to make it happen.

It is really simple. Have a think what you could do, write it down so it becomes real and then spend the next 90 days going after it.

Summer for me also means I bring out m Summer playlist in my car, my all-time favourite song for this season is Boys of Summer by Don Henley. I must have heard in 1000's of times, but what I did not realise until recently was that Don Henley used to be the lead singer of the Eagles. I have listened to the Eagles for years, love their music and never inked Don Henley to them. Just goes to show we always have things to learn.

Have a great Summer.

Take Care


Gareth BootComment