Spring has Sprung.

Well, it would appear that Spring had now sprung.

With the new season comes a new sense of purpose for me and a chance to look back at the learning of the last 3 months and use this knowledge to move forward.

To say I have been doing a lot of testing and trying is an understatement, I will look back at the Winter months as a time I seemed to be making changes on almost a daily basis.

The Facebook page has had 3 name changes, the podcast has gone through a couple of rebrands and the website has been a long and painful process to get to feel right. But as I write this I am feeling comfortable with where its all at.

The biggest change I have made is in what I am focusing on with regards to my offering. I felt into life coach and business coach and they just did not seem to capture what I am about, close but not quite "it"

At times I felt I was banging my head against a brick wall. I would go to bed convinced I had got it right, only to wake the next morning and be faced with the fact that at some level I was missing something.

Away from the career, I have been working hard on my fitness and it was following a run one morning that I finally had my lightbulb moment. As I was sat on my couch getting my breath back, I felt this huge euphoric feeling of feeling good and I just said out loud to myself "wellbeing matters" and that was it. In a heartbeat it all became clear.

Never mind life or business coach, what I am about is wellbeing. It's how I live, its what I work on every day in my own life, it's really what I help my clients improve. Wellbeing covers everything in our lives that makes us feel comfortable, happy and healthy. It's a perfect fit for me.

I don't feel the need to label myself as a coach, I am simply someone who helps others improve their wellbeing, simple as that.

I have also entered Spring with a new idea around content I am going to share and how often. It will be based on sharing stuff I do and can evidence and it will be as and when I feel I have something to share. Gone are the daily posts and the unrealistic idea of trying to podcast 4 times a week. I want to concentrate now on quality over quantity and bring in a level of authenticity that I think will be more valuable to my clients and audience.

To put it even simpler I am now going to "document" not "create"

I have some broad ideas to post regularly on social media but not feel forced to make it too regular. The podcast I would like to do one good one each week and feel that a weekly blog will be enough.

The blog is a bit of a mess and not easy to navigate so I want to start to add tags and categories so my readers can find things that are relevant to them as and when they need it.

And on top of all this, Spring is about moving from just sharing content to gaining more clients. It's in line with my 12-month plan and I am thrilled about this as a few short weeks ago it did not look like this aspect would be possible until early June.

Spring for me is a time of new life, possibility and a chance to look ahead so if you are feeling a bit stuck and ready for a change, what better time of year to get into it than Spring.

Take Care