My Name is Gareth Boot, and in 2014 my life was a mess. Despite owning a successful business and earning six figures, I was facing some huge challenges, was unhappy, unhealthy and close to killing myself through alcohol addiction.

But just when I thought it was all over, when I was at the lowest point of my life, I discovered a way of thinking that allowed me to turn it all around. I learned how to become Head-Strong.

This way of thinking not only saved me from my alcohol addiction, but it also helped me improve my fitness, handle my challenges and realise some life goals I had been unable to achieve for years . In less than 12 months my life was in a completely different place, I had found the happiness and health that was missing.

It worked so well for me I decided to turn it into an easy to remember and simple to follow system that I could share it with others. In 2016 I wrote my system down and published it as a self development book, it’s called “Taking Care Of Yourself” and you can learn more about my book HERE.

2019 has seem me take my mindset and fitness to a new level and in the Summer of 19 I started a well-being business with my partner Sue. We call it Better24/7 and our mission is to help people Eat Better, Move Better and Think Better.

About This Site

In August 2019 with the launch of Better24/7 I have decided to focus completely on that project and reduce my own mentoring activities.

I now want to use this website to share my own personal self improvement journey. Through my daily journal, blog, podcast and social media. I want give a warts and all, real, no bulls**t account of what it takes to be Head-Strong and maintain a great level of fitness. You will see what I do to improve my mindset and see the activities I do to improve my physical wellness.

I will still be supporting a handful of clients and if you like what you see, hear or read in my content and would like some support in improving your self and becoming Head-Strong, check out the “WANT SOME HELP” page.